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Morocco, officially The Kingdom of Morocco (in Arabic: المملكة المغربية), is a country located in the North-West of Africa and which belongs to the Maghreb. Its capital is Rabat. The official population of Morocco reached 29.891.708 inhabitants, including 29.840.273 Moroccans and 51.435 foreigners. The official language is Arabic and the official religion is Islam. 
The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, by Spain, the Straits of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean in the north, by Algeria in the east, and by Mauritania in the south.

The climate in Morocco is Mediterranean; moderated in the West and North by the Atlantic Ocean. Inland the climate is more continental with important variations of temperatures. The zone of the Atlas is wet, snowing is frequent there. The South has a desert climate.

Errachidia (in Arabic : الرشيدية) is a city in Morocco, located in a province of the same name, in the area of Meknes-Tafilalet. It was known as "Ighram NR Souk" or "Ksar Es Souk".

Located at the southern center of the Kingdom, the province of Errachidia is the jewel of the Moroccan south-east thanks to the diversity of its landscapes, its culture and the hospitality of its population. It is today a geographical area. Tafilalet is inhabited by the imazighen and arabs and where one speaks Arabic and Tamazight.



· Country : Morocco
· Area : Meknes, Tafilalet
· Province : Errachidia
· Code postal : 52000


· Latitude : 31°33' 20 “North
· Longitude : 4°15' 10 “West
· Altitude : 1029 m


· Population : 76.759 hab. (2004)

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